Space Shuttle Endeavour Lands in Los Angeles

Space Shuttle Endeavour Lands in Los Angeles | Wired Science | "Early Friday afternoon, the Space Shuttle Endeavour landed at Los Angeles International Airport, completing one final flight on its way to a permanent display at the California Science Center.

As the morning began, LAX — the world’s sixth busiest airport — operated with workday efficiency, the roars of passing jets coming in waves. Thousands of passengers were getting an early start on the weekend, boarding flights for Cleveland, Seattle, or, if airplane decals are to be believed, Tahiti.

But by the early afternoon, taxiing aircraft were halted for a few minutes to give a particular VIP (Very Important Plane) a clear shot at the runway. According to Diana Sanchez, a community relations manager for LAX, the shuttle’s arrival caused minimal disruption for normally scheduled commercial traffic. Air-based traffic was required to keep a 30-mile distance, and all activity on the southern runways was halted for a few minutes as Endeavour lumbered by."

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