Will We Find Oceans On Pluto?

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is speeding towards a rendezvous with Pluto and it moon's in 2015.  Will it find a sub-surface ocean on the dwarf planet?

Will We Find Oceans On Pluto? : Discovery News:
"The recent announcement that there might be lakes just under the comparatively thin circular, bumpy features on the surface of the Jovian moon Europa offers tantalizing evidence that the icy outer bodies of the solar are much more dynamic and interesting than thought.

Equally as amazing are the water geysers on the Saturnian moon Enceladus that were discovered by NASA's Cassini orbiter. They must be fueled by a huge water reservoir under the icy crust.

And, add to this list Titan and Ganymede that also might have subsurface oceans."

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