International Space Station Could be De-Crewed by November

International Space Station Could be De-Crewed by November:
"NASA’s Space Station Manager Mike Suffredini laid out a fairly bleak picture of how quickly the ISS will have to be de-manned if the anomaly with the Soyuz-family of rockets isn’t figured out soon. The problem is not logistics or supplies; it all hinges on the Soyuz capsules themselves and their limited lifespan. If the anomaly is not figured out soon and the Soyuz rockets aren’t flying by mid-November, the space station will have to be de-crewed and be operated unmanned, remotely from the ground."

Editors Note:  Even if the Space Shuttle was still around, it couldn't help in this situation. As Universe Today notes, it's all about the Soyuz's 200 day orbital lifetime limit.  

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